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Lineage treasure for Summer DPC sets uncovered

Summer Dota 2 Pro Circuit Lineage treasure is added to the game. It contains the updated version of the old sets in the colors of the season. The chest will be rewarded for players' progress in the Summer DPC fantasy league but is also available for buying at the Steam Market.

We share all the sets from this treasure.

Bark of the Ageless Witness (Treant Protector)

Relentless Warbringer (Centaur Warrunner)

Sacred Orb (Nyx Assassin)

Barathrum's Fury

Monstrous Reprisal (Riki)

Lucid Torment (Bane)

Outlandish Gourmet (Witch Doctor)

Order of the Silvered Talon (Silencer, very rare)

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