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All items from The International 2022 Immortal Treasure I

Valve released The International 2022 Battle Pass. The first Immortal Treasure is already available for opening. We've collected all the items inside in this article.

Infernal Cavalcade, Centaur Warrunner

Flutterstep, Enchantress

Seclusions of the Void, Templar Assassin

Aktok's Glory, Venomancer

Everglyph Googles, Meepo

Blastmitt Berserker, Bristleback (Rare)

Golden Seclusions of the Void, Templar Assassin (Very Rare)

Golden Infernal Cavalcade, Centaur Warrunner (Very Rare)

The Strings of Suradan, Hoodwink (Ultra Rare)

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