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33: "I have good ideas but when it comes to the execution... That sometimes can be my weakness" Exclusive

Neta "33" Shapira spoke with Polina Mashina for Escorenews before the Upper Bracket final of ESL One Stockholm Major 2022. He shared thoughts on the patch, rivalry between offlaners, and the stability of Tundra.

— You were among the minority of players who liked the patch without drastic changes. Are you still satisfied with the patch and meta?

— Yea, I think this patch is pretty nice. I expected huge changes that you have to learn the game again, but it was a pleasant surprise for me that everything stayed the same. I would like to see more hero changes. I do like it when the heroes mix around, but my issue is when suddenly the map and mechanics have become different, and everything is out of control. Overall, I'm happy with this patch.

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— What would you like to change in the next patch? Maybe buff some heroes you miss?

— I'd like to play Dark Seer as one of the heroes I've played a lot in the recent patches, and now for some reason, I feel like he's not good enough. There's a strange thing with Refresher and BKB, which I'm not sure how can be solved. Every game, you get Wraith Pact, the BKB, and Refresher first, and that combo just feels kind of overpowered. But I'm not sure if these items should be changed because the moment your BKB is out, you're instantly dead.

Valve needs to find a balance between that. I'd like to see the BKB go back to the previous duration from 10 to 5 seconds. I think that 6-second BKB right now is a bit too long. You barely even feel the difference between 9 and 6 seconds. Other than that, I'm enjoying the feeling I can play almost any hero I want.

— This patch some might call “a patch of 33”: your best heroes are in meta, you and your team are having great results. It seems like all offlaners are watching your replays. Are you bored with having no competition on your role?

— I don't think I have no competition. I still have a lot to learn pretty much. Every top-tier offlane player has something that he can teach me. I still watch the players that I used to watch before and try to see why they do the things they do. For me, there's no difference in this patch.

— Whose replays are you watching among the offlaners?

Collapse is one of the guys I watch the most. He always has really good ideas about builds. The three offlaners I talked to the most about builds and different things are Collapse, Nightfall, and DM. I haven't really talked to Western offlaners because we have competition in DPC. I watch what they're doing but don't really share my ideas with them as much.

And of course, I always watch Faith_bian to see what this guy is up to. I think he's doing good stuff. Other than that, I don't really watch the matches. I just play pubs and see what people do in pubs. It can be anyone: rank 1000 player or top-50 random guy. For me, it doesn't really matter. I just watch what people are doing, and if it looks good to me, I try to implement it into my play somehow.

— How important is it for you to be considered the best on your role overall? Or is the only thing that’s important is team results?

— Only team results matter to me. I don't really care too much what other people are thinking. I have my own idea of myself as a player. Obviously, I know my weaknesses as a player. A lot of tier-1 offlaners are better than me in a lot of things, and I think I'm better than them in a lot of things. For me, it matters to improve on my own and obviously have good results as a team.

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— You mentioned some CIS offlaners you talk to the most. Wherein are they better than you?

— Collapse, for example, is better than me in spell casting. In general, my cons as a player is that I have really good ideas about what my hero wants to do but when it comes to the execution... That sometimes can be my weakness. It's one of the feelings I'm really confident at. When it comes to lanes, it's quite similar. One of the reasons I'm winning a lot of lanes it's because I have a better idea of what to do in the lane. But when it comes to just pressing the buttons, I think there're a lot of players who are better than me. I feel that all young players are very skilled and talented, so I always try to improve and get better with these dudes.

— Speaking about team results, what is the secret of your stability as a team?

— I'm very happy so far cause we've always had instability issues in the team. And now we're working on fixing that. We've been stable at this Major, but right before the tournament, we played a qualifier and lost in the final to Liquid. So obviously, I don't think that we're the best right now, and everything is walking down to succeed.

We just have time to improve. I think one thing we've done really well is the Major. We haven't really been stressed or anything. Nobody's been worried about results or slot. I guess all about making mistakes and losing. We are just playing, and it's working out really well for us. It's something I would like for us to keep doing. As long as you're focusing on yourselves, finding to play your best, and thinking about playing, good things naturally happen to you.

Source: Tundra Esports socials

— You are the only favorites left in the tournament. BOOM, EG, and Spirit are eliminated. Is it a disadvantage being a favorite?

— I think it is a disadvantage. All the teams are obviously looking at you and trying to think out how to break apart the strats or use them or improve on their own. That is hard for sure. It's also an advantage because people are scared of you. I think it doesn't matter so much as long as you don't look at yourself as the favorite. And I don't think that we do. We're just taking it step by step and not worrying too much.

— From your side, what were the problems of these teams?

— It was very unexpected to see these three teams eliminated. I expected BOOM and Spirit to be one of the favorites at this tournament. As for EG, I thought they could be a favorite. I didn't really know what to expect from them but thought they improved a lot. I really expected them to do decently in this tournament. I think something just happened. Once you start losing, you lose confidence, and it can snowball. I believe that is what happened probably to EG.

I had some people say that BOOM might be a bit overrated, and they wouldn't be good at the Major. I was like, "I don't think so. They are really good." Maybe I was wrong.

As for Spirit, playing against them, we felt like it was a very hard team to beat. We had huge advantages in all of the games against them but still felt that is very hard to push and end the games. They wouldn't give you anything for free. So I expected them to make a lower bracket run, but something just happened. Maybe they had a bad matchup against beastcoast, and they just underperformed.

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