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What do we know about Mind Games? The team is owned by the Russian rapper and got serious visa issues before the Major

Mind Games became the last team to qualify for the Stockholm Major. They beat CIS Rejects 2:1 and finished third in the EEU DPC season. You probably know nothing about MG as a club, so Escorenews is here to change it.

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Russian Rapper owns Mind Games: he adores Dota, but no one knows where he got money

Mind Games are owned by a Russian rapper, IAMMIND. After TI10, he decided to enter esports and create a club. As he is a big Dota 2 fan, his first idea was to buy a roster in EEU. According to IAMMIND, he had talks with CIS Rejects, but RAMZES and others declined his offer. Then he bought Team Unique roster with fn, CeMaTheSlayeR, and others.

I have been playing Dota since I was 14 years old. I have a feeling that this is a promising business area. In CIS, esports will develop a lot. You saw it yourself: even Putin congratulated Team Spirit after winning TI.


I have dudes from esports who help me, but they don’t want to be named yet. I'm not an idiot to do everything by myself: "Damn, I'll buy a roster and create a club." Smart people met me and offered this. Now we do business, and it is hyping a lot.

<...> Mira said that the main problem of my team is the rapper as CEO. But I think it is the main advantage of our team. Everyone is talking about us. If Winstrike had bought Team Unique — no one would have given a f**k. Now everyone started talking about us. Even I did not expect it!

IAMMIND, Mind Games owner

After acquiring Dota 2 roster, IAMMIND bought the Free Fire team Sbornaya Chechni (Chechen National Team). Previously they finished second in Free Fire World Championship 2019 and won EMEA Free Fire Continental Series.

IAMMIND is not a popular rapper in Russia. He has only 1M listeners on VK (the most famous Russian social media with its music app), which is not impressive at all. However, he is notorious for some hype moves: for example, once, he harnessed three girls to a carriage and rode them around Palace Square in St. Petersburg.

What I do is art. It's a metaphor for digital slavery.

IAMMIND, Mind Games owner

IAMMIND is a huge Dota 2 fan, and he plays it a lot. However, he still has 4k MMR. During a stream, right after acquiring the Unique roster, he said that he wants his players to teach him how to play Dota.

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If I play 3 MM a day with a 55% win rate, I will get +4k MMR in a year. So. all in all, it will be 8k MMR after a year. It's pretty realistic, I think. Of course, I need someone to teach me.

I want to ask the dudes from my team to teach me how to play Dota on stream. One of them will join me as a coach and explain everything. The following year is the year of Dota for me because I bought myself a team.

IAMMIND, Mind Games owner

Dota fans from Russia did not believe that a young rapper could afford an esports team, so several rumors arose quickly. There were talks that IAMMIND has very wealthy parents, and they are connected to the Kremlin. The rapper said that it is not true.

I don't need money. I have a job, and I earn a decent sum. The fact that I run the stream is not for the sake of the dough. I just enjoy playing Dota.

My lifestyle is Dota because I'm a freelancer right now. I work as an arbitrage specialist [a person who does advertising and marketing, sets up traffic]. I enjoy chilling at home and playing Dota.


For me, rap is just a hobby. I do it for fun. I work on computer, so I realized that I need to be somehow creative. That is why I chose music. I realized that there is no inspiration. In fact, you can be inspired when you want, where you want, and how you want.

IAMMIND, Mind Games owner

Mind Games faced visa issues: the club might miss Major

Right after the win, Mind Games support Semion "CeMaTheSlayeR" Krivulya stated that he is not sure about the club's trip to Sweden.

I don't know whether we can go to Sweden. There is a pretty difficult situation on the border. <...> [Are there any problems with visas?] No idea. We haven't done anything yet. Guys from Ukraine do not need a visa, as far as I know. But we also have two Belarusians and one Russian [Dinozavrik].

Semion "CeMaTheSlayeR" Krivulya
Source: Starladder

The team's coach ArsZeeqq gave a few more details. The thing is that Mind Games carry Timur "Dinozavrik" Mavrin do not have an international passport. He still has some days to get it and get the visa, but it's quite unreal.

The situation with Dinozavrik is very complicated because he doesn't even have an international passport. This is nuts!

You can get it in a few days. He's going to fly to Moscow and quickly arrange everything using some acquaintances.


As I heard, CeMaTheSlayeR and Bignum will get visas as sportsmen. They can leave Ukraine. But I'm not sure about this.

Also, I heard that some players might play online. Those, who arrive, play on LAN. Those who can't come will play online. But again, I'm not sure.

Stockholm Major will be held on May 12-22. It will be the first LAN in Dota 2 with a live audience in a while. Chinese teams will miss the tournament due to strict COVID regulations in their country. They will play in a Regional Final on May 6-8.

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