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Another Dota Major is under threat. Two regions might completely miss the event

It seems that Dota 2 scene can't catch a break, as another Major faces possible issues. First, EEU DPC league was indefinitely postponed, and now Chinese teams might not be able to get to Sweden either. Seven teams and two best regions by TI10 results might miss the first event with a crowd in Dota in a long time. Will it even be held? What's going on?

On April 19 Red Marble agency CEO Dimitri "Mali" Valette, known for his work at Mars Media and his insights into the Chinese scene, raised concerns about the Chinese Dota teams' inability to visit ESL One Stockholm Major 2022. Being in Shanghai, he said the local lockdown doesn't seem to end anytime soon.

He is unsure if local teams can leave the country. But even if they can, there may be a problem with returning. A similar situation happened in League of Legends, where a team from China might miss huge LAN in Korea because of the quarantine restrictions that will await them upon return. And after TI10 some Chinese players couldn't get back home for a month, which led to postponing the start of DPC in the region.

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The main issue is the lockdown in Shanghai. The number of cases in the city was steadily growing over the last few weeks. The government has partially lifted restrictions in some areas on April 12, but overall it's sticking to its harsh approach to contain the spread of the virus.

So far, Valve didn't address the issue in public. Andrew "xeozor" Yatsenko from Starladder expects Valve to postpone or drop the upcoming major again.

Aside from China, there's another unsolved problem. EEU Spring league has been indefinitely postponed because of the situation in Ukraine. That means local teams will most likely miss Stockholm Major too.

According to the information obtained by, Valve was ready to consider continuing the EEU DPC if all teams could guarantee that players can participate in matches, receive prize money and travel to Sweden for the Major. But the event in Stockholm is planned for May 12-22, and as it gets closer and closer, we still have no news.

If Chinese teams won't travel to Europe, we may get Regional Finals again. There were rumors about using this format specifically for EEU. With Stockholm Major missing two of the strongest by TI10 results regions, it seems like the possible outcome. Another option is postponing the Major. But one thing for sure, there is no easy solution for Valve, as this time the issues are out of their hands.

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