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Ceb gives his take on Nigma and EG issues, names Puppey the GOAT of Dota

Former OG player Sebastien "Ceb" Debs visited qojqva's stream to watch the EGTSM match of NA DPC 2022 Spring league. They discussed Arteezy's problems, Team Secret core players' performance, and why Puppey is the GOAT of Dota. We gathered the most interesting takes from that stream.

Ceb: I can see glimpses of something that I guess EG is trying in the laning phase and stuff. It feels like they just lost to TSM because TSM was better, but I don't think that tells the story. EG are on their way to playing very well, but they need to improve in the midgame. Their post-laning phase is a bit weak. But the laning is good.
Qojqva: I feel like all the players know what to do. Maybe, they have different opinions on it. And they end up doing two things at 50%.
Ceb: Yeah, that's what it looks like.

Arteezy is one of the best laners in the world. With that said, Ceb finds him "one dimensional" and thinks that Artour often "doesn't look at the game for what it is". Although, Frenchman hopes that JerAx can help EG's carry to improve if they can find mutual respect.

He's still stable. He's one of the best laners as far as I'm concerned. He was always one of the toughest carries to lane against. But I think he has a flawed vision of Dota. I don't understand how he plays sometimes. I disagree with how he plays a lot of the games. But if I had to name someone who can help him to get on the next level, it'd be JerAx. If he listens to him.

Sebastien "Ceb" Debs
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Team Secret

Discussing team Secret, Ceb made a statement that SumaiL should not play position one. That was surprising to hear from a player who picked SumaiL exactly for that role before the TI10 qualifiers and reached 7-8th place at the event.

I think SumaiL is a great player. I don't think he should be carrying this way. I've played with him carrying a lot, but I don't think he should carry. I'm not saying he's not good enough for that. There are a lot of reasons for that. I think he's confused when he's playing carry. Like he overthinks a lot. When I saw them [Secret] switching roles, I really hoped he would prove me wrong.

Sebastien "Ceb" Debs

Qojqva and Ceb agreed that Team Secret has a very greedy core lineup. Both Nisha and SumaiL like to farm, and no player will create the space for them. Iceiceice is a similar type, and Ceb thinks his style doesn't fit the team.

Iceiceice is playing well but he doesn't fit with other players. They see the game differently, I can see it. Iceiceice sees the game in a certain way and other cores. <...>
The way iceiceice plays is that he applies a lot of pressure in a greedy way. And he needs his cores to punish enemies when they're trying to f*ck with him. SumaiL and Nisha will never do it. They play for themselves.

I think ice's prime was with China because they are so disciplined. They don't think selfishly, they just punish. It was a long time ago, but I remember even when he was playing in Vici Gaming, they would punish [the opponents]: iceiceice and his Timber are doing some dumb shit, and you go on him because "What the f*ck is he doing", and his team is there, and you lose the game. With Secret, you can just kill him for free and they are not reacting. He can be top net worth and then he dies twice and suddenly the game is just done. I don't know if I want to put the blame on him. Sure, he could just play like every other offlaner, but...

Sebastien "Ceb" Debs

YapzOr seems to be playing less effectively than before. That can't be said about Puppey. Ceb can't think of any other player who has been on top for so long, keeping his effectiveness that high.

It doesn't feel like Puppey can get burned out, even though of course he can. Whereas Yapzor is probably more of a follower. <...>
Dude, Puppey is so good. He is so skilled as a five, it's crazy. And also, he was never been, like, carried. A lot of players at some point start being a little worse, but they don't show as much because they are so smart about their game. Of course, he is smart too, but he never got carried, he's just delivering every game. If I had to name a GOAT, it would probably be Puppey. <...> Because when I started Dota, he was already Puppey, you know. He was already Puppey, he was already crushing everyone, winning every tournament and stuff. This guy is like a legend.

Sebastien "Ceb" Debs
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Nigma Galaxy

Ceb thinks that KuroKy is losing his grip on the game or spends less time preparing. This conclusion he made after watching Nigma's laning.

Honestly speaking, I feel like lower games are hard for iLTW because Kuro f*cks up on lanes a lot. For me, when a player is not on par with the meta, when he doesn't work hard, you see it in the laning stage most of the time. For pros at least. Because lanes are about the small things and how well you know them, how much you play, honestly. All the items you buy, the timing on the lane…

Sebastien "Ceb" Debs

EG finished losing to TSM with a 1:2 score. The teams will fight for Major spots in the last round of NA DPC Spring, which can result in a three-way tiebreaker.

Nigma was relegated to division 2 in Europe. Team Secret barely escaped a similar fate and can even slip their way to the Major.

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