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N0tail on current OG roster: "These guys are super Dota passionate. It’s just awesome to be around and listen" Interview

Ex-Dota 2 players Johan "N0tail" Sundstein and Sebastien "Ceb" Debs discussed OG's progress and the current patch. Veterans of the professional stage shared their opinions in Monkey Business show with JMR Luna.

[Johan's pub games after he ended his career]

I like playing Dota with no expectations of myself. I'm actually having fun just playing a game, not having to think through certain things, just like being an idiot. That's quite enjoyable. Even though Dota can be so negative and toxic, it's almost like you're riding that wave of anger or frustration with each other. To be honest, if every game was PMA all day, probably I wouldn't feel Dota pubs, it’s like you’re missing something, it's part of the game.

Johan "N0tail" Sundstein

[Why Johan dislikes the current state of Dota]

Personally, I still want more changes. I don't like the laning phase, five couriers, salves. I think Valve can fix couriers or salves. There’s no way they’re gonna go back to one courier, I don't mind. I would like for couriers to start showing up as free stock like you get one courier minute one, and the next minute two, and the next minute three. So you have to choose who gets a courier and you can't just carry items.

I really dislike the creeps giving that much in the early game. I would like for supports not to be level 6 for free every game before minute 10. For me, it removes a bit of depth from drafting when it’s like that. I would like for creeps and kills to still be useful and to mean a little bit more in the early game. I also don't like the way that a lot of heroes are still in meta for so long. I mean Mars, TA, Io. Everybody's been playing Enchantress for years now. It’s a little stale for me. I don’t think Icefrog is working on the game right now, that’s what I’m guessing.

Johan "N0tail" Sundstein
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[How's OG?]

Our guys are really good in terms of Dota strategy and understanding this patch. I think they’re one of the best. I hear them on the backside, and it's rare that I've seen six people being so into breaking down the game and everybody putting such a good effort. They’re still a very young team. I think they need a full man bootcamp they haven't had yet. I don't think anyone will ever realize their full potential without a few of those. It’s coming and things are being tackled. These guys are super Dota passionate and for me, it’s just awesome to be around and listen. I’m proud of them.

Johan "N0tail" Sundstein

[How are OG's players in pubs?]

They're awful in pubs. I mean, they’re great, but Ammar is the one with the worst reputation in pubs. He has toned it down a little bit lately, but he still has somewhere to do. I got in pubs with him a little bit more recently, and 95 percent of it was a full troll, which I wasn't sure if you know obviously before he joined the team. With him, you got to get ready for a trolley adventure.

Sebastien "Ceb" Debs
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