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The drama between Ramzes and Illidan. What is happening?

The whole Dota 2 community is speaking about the quarrel between two carry players Roman "RAMZES666" Kushnarev and Ilya "IllianSTR" Pivtsaev. We share the whole chronology of the conflict.

It all started when the players could not share the middle lane. Illidan wanted to go there but Ramzes picked Ember Spirit first. The screenshots are edit as according to laws we are not allowed to publish Russian obscenities.

Illidan: so

Ramzes: I wanted to play Ember

Illidan: I gave the role 10 times in a row

Ramzes: I have a higher rank

Later Ramzes called Illidan a 'cancer' and 'an inadequate.'

Ramzes: Illidan) You better win vs just one time in an official game

Illidan: I don't want to play

Ramzes: man, who are you?

Ramzes: chill, bro)

Illidan: who are you?

Ramzes: Why are you so angry?

Illidan: an official) show me your prize money

Ramzes: wait

After Illidan realized who plays Ember Spirit, he gave Ramzes a flank. We replaced harsh terminology with more acceptable ones without losing the sound.

I could say a couple of things on stream about you, Roxbury [strip club in Moscow] cocaine fool. You speak about officials, ye I beat you a couple of times. And you wrote some shit on prodota [Russian-language website and forum]. Yes, I am cancer, but I am at least not cocaine-addicted. It is better to play worse than die at the age of 30 because of cocaine addiction. And it is also better than kicking an analyst from the team to split his salary.

Guy, you are finished. Let's be honest. You play better, but everything else in your life is trash. You can't even answer me. I am fed up with you speaking shit behind backs and then just saying you are joking. Go to hell!

Man, your vocabulary is like 500 words. Why do you say something about adequateness? Have you ever seen your own actions? <...> At least I did not do 322. I have chosen my own way.

By the way, why didn't you delete Dota? You did promise. You are just a freaking hyena that could only bad-mouth ones who are not that successful in their careers. You never say anything to ones who are better, and this is so funny. You are just a toady. <...> Well, maybe you say how did you 322? Nothing to say?

Every time I hear him, I start to hotter. He is such a worm. Did you hear that he declined nothing I said? Absolutely nothing! Make your own conclusions. I always wanted to make a spit in his face. Figuratively of course, not in real life.

I cannot play normally when he is by my side. He is just the worst crud ever. I will never be in normal relations with him, no matter what.

There will be no situation to force me to make peace with him and treat him nicely. Because I know he is a freaking worm that starts treating people like shit if he does not need them. Ask Iceberg or anyone else.

He is an absolute toady who cannot bark at anyone who is better in Dota than him because he got no character.

I do not judge his lifestyle, but since he opens his mouth, it needs to be shut every time. His speaking skills are like if I would fight Iceberg. And I would even have more chances there. He should forget how to talk and just play Dota. There is nothing he can do in his life beyond this and will never be.

Ramzes did not answer Illidan in the game but posted on Twitter:

Dear Ilya, before saying anything offensive to others, remember that you need proof, not only untrue rumors. I didn't think it will bother anyone but the worms dug it out.

Ex manager Roman Dvoryankin supported Ramzes.

I do think that the accusation in matchfixing could be judged from a legal perspective as slander and/or protection of honor and dignity. In case of allowance of a claim, money could be spent on charity.
- I think we can initiate a collective claim on any Dota player in CIS for the protection of honor and dignity.
- But listen, the accusation in matchfixing at a pro player is something beyond.
AHAHAH Ramzes is the most corrupted person who just badmouths anyone who got fewer titles than him. Will he point me on who should I accuse? You have a go at anybody whose career is in a bad state. You hypocritical piece of shit.
Also, you and Dvoryrom didn't even mention the situation with Roxbury and cocaine addiction. Because you understand everything very well. The same about the situation with Yan [Nikolay "distilled" Prokhorenko].
The only thing I know is that uneducated but a good Dota 2 player Ramzes never said anything about me. I warned you more than enough. Don't say anything about me, and you will not exist for me. Do you want to point on my official matches and my weaknesses? I will do the same with yours.

And my word can be trusted, unlike yours. I do not write Vanskor in all chat that will delete Dota 2 if lose a single game to him. My viewers know that I never answer personal and loaded questions until someone says shit about me.
- Ilya, are you sane? I don't even bother to comment on the ramble about cocaine. How do you anything about our analyst? We parted our ways normally and fulfilled all the contractual obligations. What do you want to achieve with all of this?

- I want the person I do not touch to stop badmouthing me.

- Well you should let him go mid, why did you start this?
Well, I did. Whined a bit but let him go. Did I go double mid on Tiny? Do you think I know every Ramzes fake accounts? Did you realize which moment I understood it is him? Well, I should have understood it after the words about officials. Noone would write it except him.

IllidanSTR IllidanSTR


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