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Dataminer: "I think the CS2 developers are making skins for clothes and keychains" Rumors

Dataminer Maksim "GabeFollower" Poletayev speculated on possible changes to CS2 in terms of cosmetics. His guess is that the developers are going to make customizable clothes for the agents. He shared this on Telegram.

I think CS2 devs are making clothing skins and keychains, [which is] the reason why there are no map-based factions is because agents will be customizable? More info in the next video.

Maksim "GabeFollower" Poletayev

CS:GO had faction skins pre-assigned to every map. CS2 came out with a default view irrelevant of a location. The paid agent skins were also transferred.

GabeFollower previously reported on the possible keychain additions. He found mentions in the game files, and there was a likely hint from the developers: the Arms Race Baggage map featured a keychain with a SAS model.

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