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NeaLaN reveals his salary in EG was eight times more than in K23

CS2 player Sanzhar "neaLaN" Iskhakov revealed the difference in salary between his home team K23 and the North American organization, Evil Geniuses. He earned $12k a month in a new place, which was eight times more than before. He shared this with Tatyana "Sindi" Gracheva for her YouTube.

When the organizations agreed on the transfer, they started asking me about the conditions. The [EG] management asked me what salary I wanted. <...> In K23, I had a salary of $1.500. I didn't care much, since I'm from Kazakhstan, they provided me with housing and food, I just needed to play.

When communicating with Evil Geniuses, I remembered AdreN, who advised to increase the price two or three times, and then negotiate somewhere in the middle. I asked Evil Geniuses about $10 thousand. And the manager said: "Okay, we'll give you $12 thousand." Then I realized that I could have asked for more. But I didn't go there because of the salary, I wanted to play in a tier-1 team. But it was still nice.

Sanzhar "neaLaN" Iskhakov

NeaLaN competed for Evil Geniuses from August 2022 to June 2023. With him, the team did not had any significant achievements, often finishing dead last and failing qualifiers. His best result were made with other teams, such as K23 and GamerLegion. The Kazakh player currently represents 1WIN.

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