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HUNDEN's Sashi beats Cloud9, Eternal Fire and qualifies for Esports World Cup

Danish team Sashi Esport left the CS2 fans dumbfounded as they went all the way through the qualifiers for Esports World Cup 2024. The roster that never got even in the top 40 defeated Copenhagen Major's playoff teams.

Sashi Esport started in the open qualifiers. On their way to the tournament, they beat GamerLegion and 9Pandas. In the first match of the closed qualifiers, they took down Cloud9, which could've been explained by the latter playing with a stand-in after the departure of electronic. Their loss to Eternal Fire also convinced the fans that there was no anomaly. But then, Sashi knocked out both of the favorites, often with an overwhelming score advantage.

Sashi has been coached by Nikolai "HUNDEN" Petersen since July 2023. This five-man lineup is, however, completely new. They previously competed as Espionage, and have been signed by Sashi only in April 2024. The most prominent name on the squad is the former Astralis player Lucky. MistR came from the same organization but only played for the academy team.

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