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Cloud9 announced who will replace electronic at ESWC 2024 qualifier

Cloud9 CS2 roster revealed that Daniil "alpha" Demin will be the fifth player of the team at Esports World Cup qualifier. He will be replacing Denis "electronic" Sharipov, who recently left the roster.

19-years-old Alpha, who is currently signed by Team Spirit Academy, is an ex-member of Cloud9 Academy. He is playing rifle, so it seems that the team decided to go with their established structure with fluid approach to AWP instead of changing things up on such short notice.

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What makes this announcement a bit more spicy are Cloud9 manager's comments on Team Spirit's approach to the academy. He made them on his personal Telegram channel the day before the reveal.

In fact, Spirit is doing a great job. But in my opinion their method — sign everyone you can and then sell them for three times the price — is a semi-slavery approach. Because they refresh the academy every 6 months, maybe even more often. In its purest form, it is not an academy, but a plantation for making money.

Aleksandr Shcherbakov

Esports World Cup 2024 qualifier will be held on April 19-20. Cloud9 and Eternal Fire will be playing against two teams from open qualifier in double-elimination bracket with one slot on the line. Their possible opponents are BetBoom Team or Apeks, and Guild Eagles or Sashi Esport — these are the last remaining teams in the open qualifier.

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