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ElectroNic on joining VP: "I'm excited about playing with Jame, as he's one of the most unique IGLs"

Denis "electronic" Sharipov commented on his transfer from Cloud9 to The star rifler didn't reveal too much aside from a desire to play with Dzhami "Jame" Ali. The statement was released on the official website of VP. is a top team. The core of the roster won a Major not while ago, and all the players are in their prime and ready for victories right now. We share the same ambitions and goals. Besides, I'm also excited about the idea of playing with Jame, as he's one of the most unique IGLs in the game. Can't wait to adapt to my new team and start doing what I came here for — winning trophies.

Denis "electronic" Sharipov
ElectroNic leaves Cloud9 and joins

The core of the team won IEM Rio Major 2022 under the Outsiders tag. Four of the players remain on the roster, missing only qikert. They famously failed to qualify for the next Major after replacing n0rb3r7. At the last event, VP were two rounds away from reaching playoffs, stopped by the PC crash in the match against G2.

Electronic joined to on April 15. He stepped in instead of Nikolai "mir" Bityukov. Previously, Russian insider OverDrive rumored that the team was looking for a replacement for mir and/or n0rb3r7.

Jame: "M0NESY is the only AWPer on the scene that I can learn something from"


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