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ElectroNic leaves Cloud9 and joins

Denis "electronic" Sharipov has moved from Cloud9 to He replaced Nikolai "mir" Bityukov in the new roster. The information was revealed on the VP's website.

The transfer came out of nowhere, without any rumors or leaks that usually accompany such moves. The organization put mir on the bench, claiming he was open to offers. Cloud9 didn't announce who would replace electronic.

The arrival of star players always generates excitement within the club and among its fans. Denis is a well-known figure in the world of esports with an impressive list of major victories and exceptional skill. Few players won both at Major and Intel Grand Slam events.

Our CS2 roster is strong thanks to teamwork, a clearly defined playstyle, and the individual talents of our players. Transferring players with outstanding skills to improve specific areas is a common practice in sports. I am confident that Denis joining will give a powerful boost to the team in the upcoming challenges in Dallas, London, and beyond.

Nikolai Petrossian, CEO of

Electronic joined Cloud9 less than a year ago, initially as an IGL. The team struggled to achieve prominent results and had to rebuild after the departure of sh1ro. They acquired Boombl4, who became Cloud9's new captain. That roster managed to get to the playoffs at PGL Major Copenhagen 2024. lineup

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