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Jame names three best IGLs in CS2, puts chopper above himself captain Ali "Jame" Dzhami compiled a list of the best CS2 in-game leaders of the current era. While giving credit to the well-established European players, he also praised Leonid "chopper" Vishnyakov, and didn't name himself. He shared his opinion for team's YouTube.

Top 3 capains in CS2 by Jame

Dev1ce takes over IGL role in Astralis

Jame is undoubtedly the second-best active captain after Boombl4 in Eastern Europe when it comes to trophies and longevity. He was in two Major grand finals, grabbed the trophy at one of them, got second place at IEM Katowice 2021, and won several other tournaments. Chopper's recent Katowice trophy is his most significant achievement so far.

Both teams qualified for PGL Major Copenhagen 2024, as well as FaZe and Vitality. Their seeding will be revealed later by Valve. The event kicks off on March 17.

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