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Dataminer: CS:GO and CS2 having 31 mln unique players in September is an all-time record

Counter Strike 2 testing and launch was a big success for Valve Corporation. According to the official site of the game, CS:GO and CS2 combined player count for September 2023 has reached 31,6 million people. Dataminer Aquarius claims that the game never had that much players before.

His calculations were based on the same counter on the official site, but he did not specify how exactly he collected the data. He shared the growth graph on Twitter, and according to it, the highest previous peak happened in May 2023, a month after the start of CS2 Limited Beta.

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His estimations fit the SteamDB data. Below is the chart of concurrent peak online users, and its shape is similar to Aquarius's graph.

CS2 has been in beta since April 2023, and it boosted the interest in the game. On April 27, CS:GO broke the online record with 1,8 mln simultaneous users. September was the month with the highest number of players having access to the beta. The transition between the versions happened on September 27.

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