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Valve resets Elo in CS2 rating as the first Premier Mode ranking season starts

Valve reset Elo in CS2 rating as the first Premier season started. All the players will need to undergo recalibration to get a new ranking. So far, it is unclear if your previous score will affect the new one.

There's a possibility that the developers use a system similar to Dota 2. In that case, recalibration is a process with bigger win/loss margins per game. Although unseen by a user, the numbers are still likely capped. In this case, you won't get a drastically different Elo rating. You can read more about it here.

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Valve added the Elo-based CS Rating in early September, marked as Beta Season. It was only available in Premier, which replaced Competitive as the main matchmaking mode. It featured visible world and regional leaderboards with every calibrated player on the ladder. On September 10, more than 500k players got their rank, according to dataminer Aquarius.

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