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CS2 is officially released by Valve, available for everyone on Steam

Valve officially launched Counter-Strike 2 open beta. You can play it on Steam right now. The new iteration of the game has several new features. The most noticeable are responsive volumetric smokes, the sub-tick system aimed to beat 128-tick servers, Elo matchmaking with world leaderboards, and VAC Live anti-cheat.

CS2 should be available in your library where it replaced CS:GO, which means the previous version is not available anymore. You can still watch old demos as the developers previously updated the viewer.

Valve asks CS:GO community to recall "game-defining moments." Looks like last goodbye before CS2 launch

Just a week before release, a lot of people in the community were of the opinion that "CS2 is not ready." The hit registration improved, but animations were falling behind, failing to provide visual feedback, and movement and related features felt off. There's also no indication that the situation with cheaters has significantly improved. The top of world leaderboards was plagued with players reportedly boosted by teammates with illegal software.

CS2 has been in limited beta since late March. For the most part, only a small part of the community had access to it. Mass testing has been running only for the last month.

"Online era showcases the purest CS because players are not affected by the stress or the stage". HObbit on signing electronic and Perfecto, retirement plans, and problems with past roster
High hopes for the future from Cloud9's HObbit!

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