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Valve asks CS:GO community to recall "game-defining moments." Looks like last goodbye before CS2 launch

Official CS:GO Twitter addressed the community, asking fans, players and scene workers to share moments "which define the game." For the following few hours, Valve was reposting videos, memes, and photos from the professional scene.

Ropz: "The feedback you get from the game on 64 tick, especially when you are good at it, is trash"

Twitter responded with memories of GeT_RiGhT crying over trophy, Cloud9's triumph at ELEAGUE Boston Major 2018, multiple clutch videos from tournaments or personal play, including the most-watched Twitch clip with s1mple's 1v5 at FPL.

B1ad3 on English in NAVI: "I'm not playing, but it's very important for players to be on point every second to understand each other"

The community recalled most of the graffiti moments: olofboost at DreamHack Major 2014, Fnatic five-man AWPing on T-spawn of Dust 2, s1mple's double no-scope highlight, and coldzera's double-kill jump. They shared a lot of memes and jokes. Freya shared the moment when ZywOo was introduced to the fans, speaking on camera for the first time.

The whole reposting session looks like the last farewell to CS:GO. A few days before that, Valve teased the fans with a classic "What are you doing on Wednesday" tweet, which most likely means something big is coming. After half a year of beta testing, the promised deadline for CS2 is almost bypassed. We'll see what will happen on September 27, 2023.

Record-breaking M4A1-S crafted skin with Titan stickers, estimated at $320,000, was made in CS:GO

ELEAGUE Major 2018 ELEAGUE Major 2018


s1mple s1mple

coldzera coldzera

ZywOo ZywOo


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