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Ropz: "The feedback you get from the game on 64 tick, especially when you are good at it, is trash"

FaZe Clan's Robin "ropz" Kool released a long rant about the tick rate in CS2 on Twitter. He didn't discuss the state of the sub-tick system and mainly addressed recent debates about whether or not a player can spot the difference between 64 and 128 ticks. Ropz shared his experience and claimed that the latter is the best way to play the game currently.

I've joined surf servers many times which are using 64t, then go into an aim map, forgetting that it loads up the same 64t from the previous server. That is offline, however in a few moments I see — oh damn, time to restart the game. Need to load it up in 128t. I literally get bad hitreg, and my strafing/counter-strafing doesn't match up to my shots like they do in pro games. That is offline, playing in a map where you get 1000FPS, no performance issues.

It's easy to notice you are playing 64 tick when you are strafing, shooting, bhopping, throwing nades, getting bad hitreg. Stuff like that simply doesn't happen as much as in 128t, it's more consistent and fits the gameplay better. <...>

128t is already high enough to not have issues in your gameplay. 64t, on the other hand, especially for high-level gameplay, is not good enough. The feedback you get from the game, especially when you are good at it, it's trash. You feel it. As Launders pointed out, CS is all about getting a grip on your game and playing on feeling. That's why we are using 128t today in every server. <...>

This is definitely about finding the balance and seeing how far it is necessary to push the limit. I think by now we have enough data that 64t is bad and 128t is good enough.

Robin "ropz" Kool
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Ropz specifically pointed out twice that he doesn't want to touch on the topic of the sub-tick system. He hopes the developers will bring CS2 to an even better state than based on 128-tick servers.

This is about tick rate, not sub-tick. If Valve can make sub-tick better than 128t, that would make everyone happy. I hope they do. <...>

I hope Valve can make sub-tick as consistent or even more consistent than nowadays 128t servers.

Robin "ropz" Kool

Previously, Mohan "Launders" Govindasamy revealed movement changes in CS2, which weren't included in patch notes. He said the developers had a lot of feedback from KZ and surf players to fix bugs and bring the game movement to a proper state.

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