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Smooya struggles to transition: "I'm stuck in a vicious cycle. Played CS2 once and lost all ablilty for 1 day"

Professional player Owen "smooya" Butterfield confessed he has a hard time transitioning from CS:GO to CS2. According to the AWPer, every time he tries to play the new game, he loses "all ability" and has to practice to regain his form. Owen shared his frustrations on Twitter.

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Don't worry too much.

Many CS:GO pros are struggling with the sequel. The beta is still not in the best shape, even though there are a lot of reports of Valve working hard on it. For example, caster Mohan "Launders" Govindasamy revealed the latest changes to movement, which were not included in patch notes. He claims the developers cooperate with the KZ community to get things right.

Another CS2 enthusiast shared how Valve optimized performance. The FPS increased from 3% to 12% on various maps. And a different player explained why new shooting mechanics feel differently. The new subtick system is better at detecting hits, but the visuals don't act accordingly. You can read more about it below.

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