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HLTV: MR15 bo3s last longer than most traditional sports matches

HLTV journalists tried to figure out what could cause Valve to change from the MR15 system to MR12 in CS2. In their opinion, one of the reasons was that the matches took too long.

On average, a full bo3 series format lasts almost 3.5 hours, including pauses and commercial breaks. This is longer than the broadcast of most matches in classic sports and Valorant, which uses the MR12 system. The data was collected based on LAN tournaments in 2023, as well as broadcasts of traditional competitions for the 2022-23 season.

Source: HLTV
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Not everyone in the pro-scene welcomes the change. Veteran talent, including Thorin and Richard Lewis, said there was MR12 in CS 1.6, and then the pro-scene switched to the 15-round half to balance the economy. There are also many concerns about the impact of pistol rounds; for example, Ropz thinks there's no place for them in the new system.

At the beginning of September, a large patch was released in CS2 Limited Beta. Premier matchmaking with map drafting has become the primary mode with CS Elo rating and world leaderboards. The game also introduced the MR12 round system, which replaced MR15 from CS:GO. Valve said it will also be the way to play at Majors, and third-party TOs might follow.

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