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Valve VAC bans cheater that helped others to get to Top 10 of CS2 world ranking. Both boosted players suffer no consequences

The story about unfair players invading top world leaderboards of CS2 matchmaking just entered. Valve has issued a VAC ban to the cheater who allegedly boosted two players to the global leaderboards. This was reported by Thour, the same game analyst who pointed at the foul play incident in the first place.

Thour claimed that Valve also removed one of the boosted players, RUSTIC, from the leaderboard. However, the other one, named VeNoM, reportedly remained there. Shortly after, both of those reappeared in Asia's top 10 ranking.

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On September 13, Thour spotted a group of people teaming up with a cheater to climb the ranks. He shared a video with the blatant wallhacking cheater, who was allegedly boosting the two, as they queued together not once. The trio was supposedly playing from India in the Asian CS2 Region.

If you don't have the game, you can read about the world ranking leaders, using the link below.

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