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Valve adds new console command to improve frame times with "fps_max" and remove stutters in CS2

CS2 developers have added a new console command that boosts performance when users cap their FPS. It also reportedly fixes world-rendering stutters. The command was shared by SteamDB founder Pavel Djundik on Twitter.

The command improves frame times, as shown in the picture. The test has been made with "fps_max 200" on. Dataminer Aquarius in the comment section stated that "this changes everything."

Source: Pavel Djundik's Twitter
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How to improve frame times, using "fps_max" in CS2?

Frame time is the amount of time that passes between each frame. To put it simply, the game may feel not smooth enough if these gaps are unequal. Valve's new command brings them closer to each other.

There's a reason to cap your maximum FPS. Setting it to 200 doesn't allow frame rates to go higher than this number but also prevents the spikes. Here's how to enable it and the new Valve's command:

  • Open the console in CS2 with "~" key (if it doesn't work, go to Settings-> Game -> Enable Developers Console).
  • Type fps_max 0 (insert your number, keeping it at 0 allows any FPS rate) and press Enter
  • Type engine_low_latency_sleep_after_client_tick true and press Enter
  • You might want to restart your PC for better results.
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