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Dataminer: Valve added new npc damage type, possibly for CS2 Operations, and smoke-clearing command Rumors

Dataminer Maksim "Gabe Follower" Poletayev shared some innovations that may appear in CS2 in the future. He found their mention in the game files after the release of the update on September 14.

The developers have added a new type of melee weapon hit impact related to non-player characters. Gabe Follower thinks this was made in preparation for future operations or added for another game on Source 2.

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The files also contain a mention of a new console command that allows you to instantly remove all smoke grenades from the map. It's called sv_kill_smokegrenade. The command already pops up in the console but does not work yet.

Dataminer also found lines confirming Valve's plan to add separate ranks for each map. The developers announced this system back in early September.

CS2 received a small update on September 14 with many fixes. The developers have also added positions for nametags for all knife models and improved water rendering performance.

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