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Top 15 of CS2 world ranking might have cheaters or players boosted by them Rumors

CS2 enthusiast Thour complained about cheaters populating the new world leaderboards. He claimed that at least two participants in the top 15 teamed up with a cheater and got boosted by him. Thour shared an example video with a blatant wallhacking player.

The cheater, Black Magician in the video, has no rank displayed. Thour thinks the world's top 8 (Rustic) and top 14 (VeNoM 026), are deliberately queueing with the unfair player. In the comment section, CS2 streamer Mohit Rajgaria claimed all these players are from India.

Look at this World's Leaderboard, and you will see a guy called Rustic, not even a Tier 5 professional, with a 100% Win Rate in Premier. Wondering how he is there? Here is a clip of him with his cheater friend. One of my friends got matched up against him. World Ranked #8 and #14 are in the match queuing up with this cheater. And yes, he's not cheating. He's just getting carried by blatant cheaters.

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The video also shows the world leaderboard. At the time of the recording, 1st place was held by Leslie "Bobosaur" Soen, the retired Singaporean pro, who previously played for B.O.O.T, Paper Rex, and Huat Zai. He has an insane 98% winrate with 140 victories. There might be a reasonable explanation for this. The SEA region is probably the weakest in CS and the gap between a proper professional player and all others could be extreme, especially considering smaller player pool at the top of ranks.

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