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Valve launches second wave of invites with access to CS2 beta in September

On September 9, Valve announced another wave of invitations to CS2 limited beta test. This is the second time they have given access to the game in September 2023. The update also includes some bug fixes on various maps.

September 9 CS2 update


  • Fixed a pixel boost on pillars in B bomb site


  • Fixed C4 falling out of the world in B bomb site
  • Updated props


  • Fixes to prevent players boosting out of playable space


  • Added a C4 loadout slot for users who have C4 items with a name tag applied
  • Audio mix tweaks and adjustments
  • Fixed a case where roasted chickens fell through the floor
  • hud_scaling is no longer imported from CS:GO. Note that players' hud_scaling will be reset to the default (1.0)

Valve has been running the limited beta for Counter-Strike 2 since April 2023. According to rumors, the game may be released after the end of ESL Pro League Season 18, which ends on October 1.

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stoonk 2023-09-09 18:38:55

I've met the requirements all week but still don't have access. Valve lied, I cried.