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Valve's updates boost framerate in CS2. How good CS2 runs after optimization?

Valve did a good job of improving performance in CS2 during multiple updates from August 20 to early September. According to CS enthusiast Thour, the average FPS rate on all maps was raised by 6.85%.

Framerate on different maps in CS2

Thour did a series of benchmark tests: first on August 20 and later on September 8. Vertigo and Italy didn't get much of a benefit, but other maps had a significant increase in performance.

  • Mirage: 376.5 vs 426.2 (12.38%)
  • Ancient: 315.9 vs 346.7 (9.29%)
  • Dust 2: 369.9 vs 398 (7.31%)
  • Overpass: 321 vs 344.7 (7.12%)
  • Anubis: 323.5 vs 342.9 (5.82%)
  • Vertigo: 380.6 vs 392.8 (3.15%)
  • Nuke: 369.6 vs 383.4 (3.66%)
  • Italy: 306.1 vs 315.1 (2.89%)

The tests were made with the following specs: Video Settings: 1920x1080 (Medium), PC: i5-12400F & 1660 Ti OC. These results might differ on other setups.

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Valve continues fixing bugs and issues, updating CS2 almost every single day lately. The FPS increase will surely be welcomed by players with low-end PC. We also compiled various methods for improving your performance in CS2. Check the article below.

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