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S1mple's meme phrase goes viral on Juventus TikTok: 2.7 mln views in 2 days

Italian football club Juventus used a meme phrase of Natus Vincere player Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev on TikTok. The video, published on August 6, skyrocketed, getting 2.7 mln views in just two days.

The clip shows Federico Chiesa outplaying his opponent and scoring a goal. S1mple's words were weaved into Brazilian phonk. Other recent Juventus TikToks, on average, have roughly 500k - 1 mln views.

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The phrase is in Russian, so here's a translation:

Come on, shitheads, come here. Bam, motherf**ker! The second — BAM! "S1mple, I love you." Get the f**k out of here.

S1mple's meme

The phrase is wildly popular in the Russian-speaking community. What's interesting, the origins of s1mple's voice recording are not exactly clear. Rumor has it was said during a showmatch with popular streamers, but that fragment was lost.

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s1mple s1mple

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