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"Let's be real: electronic is stronger than me." Nafany on his kick from C9, new NAVI lineup, and BetBoom assembly Interview

BetBoom Team captain Vladislav "nafany" Gorshkov shed some light on how he built the roster and spoke about his exclusion from Cloud9. He said the kick didn't come as a surprise to him and admitted that electronic is a better player. The interview was taken in August before Gamers8 and published on

Even before [departure of] interz, it was obvious that the team needs changes. And these reshuffles that happened in the team, I consider them to be a normal thing, I'm not offended by anyone. This is a natural process; sooner or later, it had to happen. I expected something like this. <...>

Let's be real: electronic is stronger than me. What team doesn't want an upgrade? This is competitive esports, and Cloud9 received a real boost. There are almost no flaws in his addition.

To some extent, I am glad that it happened. Playing practices with another team and other people, I understand what I was missing and why my performance was like that lately. And I sincerely enjoy what is happening now.

Vladislav "nafany" Gorshkov
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On NAVI's international roster

There's s1mple. He is obviously a strong player. Plus, but that's only my speculation, he will be very involved in this, will see it a new challenge. He must have more enjoyment from the process. Of course, NAVI will sometimes lose, but it's fine. Defeat is a good lesson for any team.

Speaking about Aleksib, It's not exactly correct to judge him separately from the coach. And if his teams previously had not the best achievements, it might become different with B1ad3. It's stupid to say NAVI got a bad lineup or a poor captain. Once again, NAVI's system is somewhat unique. That's why they need time. From what I've seen, they are doing relatively fine. Everyone said it was a shit-tier team, but they are playing well, just like I said from the beginning.

Vladislav "nafany" Gorshkov
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On building BetBoom lineup

I said that, first and foremost, I wanted to work with KaiR0N-. Even before I was removed from Cloud9. He was the first person I thought about because I spotted him long ago, before he played on Aurora, I believe. And when we had C9 Academy, we considered inviting him, but he, let's say, chose different options.

It happened so that the core was based in the first two days: me, KaiR0N-, and zorte. I messaged them, saying it would be interesting to play with them: "Let's move forward together." They agreed, and next, we thought about our options. If we talk about s1ren and danistzz, it mainly was my pick. I chose them based on how I see CS, who I would like to work with, because personality has a vital role in the game. They are nice guys with bright future, in my opinion. Very skilled individually. Danistzz is a bit green but, overall, a very good player.

Vladislav "nafany" Gorshkov

BetBoom had a great debut in the IEM Sydney 2023 qualifier. They lost only one series and 2:0'ed almost every remaining opponent. The Australian LAN will be the first real test for nafany and his men. It will kick off on October 16.

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