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Jame said he would move to Saudi Arabia if they paid him $1 million per year captain Dzhami "Jame" Ali revealed for how much money he would agree to transfer to a CS:GO roster from Saudi Arabia. He discussed it with Dauren "AdreN" Kystaubayev during Gamers8 2023. A $1 million yearly salary would be enough for the IGL to transition.

AdreN: Jame, a Saudi comes up to you and says: "How much money do you need to move to a team from Saudi Arabia right now." What amount would you ask to move for two years?

Jame: For two years? Look, I don't know.

AdreN: Let me name it, they say: "We will give you $2 million for two years."

Jame: What's the team?

AdreN: You, plus one of your choice, and three locals. You can take BOROS, he's from there.

Jame: I would, because it's easy for that money.

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Gamers8 2023 took place in Saudi Arabia from August 16 to 20 with a million-dollar prize pool. Team Vitality was crowned as the champion of the tournament. reached the quarterfinals of the event. Falcons, the Saudi-sponsored international lineup with BOROS, was knocked out in the first round of the single-elimination format.

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