Games and Esports News CS 2 re-signed FL1T for four years announced a contract extension with Evgeniy "FL1T" Lebedev. The player re-signed his agreement for four years until 2027. The CS:GO player and CEO of the organization Nikolai Petrossian commented on the new deal.

Our CS:GO roster knows how to win, the players are now at the peak of their form and eager for new achievements, so it is very important for us to keep the core of the squad, of which FL1T is an integral part. Evgeniy is an exemplary player who combines a high individual level of play, discipline and commitment to the club's philosophy. I am very glad that he will spend many more years with us!

Nikolai Petrossian, CEO at

Every player wants to win. I am sure that we will win a lot more tournaments with this roster, so I did not think twice about the offer to extend the contract. Go, Bears!

Evgeny "FL1T" Lebedev
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Previously, team captain Dzhami "Jame" Ali also signed a new contract with VP until 2027. According to Petrossian, this was one of the key tasks of the club.

FL1T has been playing for since October 2021, after moving from ForZe. Together with the team, he won several tournaments, including IEM Rio Major 2022. The roster played at the Brazil Major under the neutral tag Outsiders.

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