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Insider: "There's definitely a change incoming for NAVI. B1ad3 will switch his role, or they will remove npl" Rumors

CS:GO insider Harumi partially confirmed previous rumors about NAVI and their future with Andrij "B1ad3" Horodenskyj and Andrij "npl" Kukharskyj. He states that there's definitely some change happening but isn't sure about the details. The post was released on Telegram.

There's definitely a change incoming at NAVI. It's so far unclear, who it is about, most likely, B1ad3 will transition to another role in the organization, or they will remove npl. The first option is more plausible.

Harumi, insider
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The first person to reveal future "surprising changes" in NAVI was Russian caster Aleksey «PCH3LK1N» Pchyolkin. He did not provide any specifics and later backed down, saying he didn't mean it would affect the players.

Shortly after, another Russian insider John Knyaziev reported that B1ad3 and npl were about to leave the team. He claims the team will rebuild around Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev's views on the game and that Valerij "B1T" Vakhovskyj also risks losing his place in case he wouldn't improve his performance.

NAVI Possible lineup

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