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Monte and B8 are forbidden to leave Ukraine by state ministry

Ukrainian players from Monte and B8 CS:GO teams will no longer be allowed to leave the country using the special rules for sportsmen. Players were also expelled from the national CS:GO lineup, as they did not return to Ukraine on time and ended up on the list of violators released by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

On the day of the announcement, Monte revealed that Viktor "sdy" Orudzhev would miss a couple of future events.

At the end of May, the governing body published a list of athletes who did not return from abroad after the end of competitions. It affected 236 people, including players Monte and B8. Other Ukrainian teams, such as NAVI, didn't get on the list, as they left the country before the new rules were applied.

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Monte argued that they departed for the RMR but stayed in Europe since they qualified for the BLAST Paris Major 2023. It's unclear what are their other options to travel abroad or if there's any appeal process.

The Ukrainian national team will be represented by IKLA, which is ranked 126th in the HLTV world rating. They are competing in the qualification for the IESF World Esports Championship 2023. The prize fund of the tournament is $100,000.

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