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Monte announced Sdy will miss a few events

Monte released a photo of their CS:GO roster without Viktor "somedieyoung" Orudzhev, saying, "Wait for news in the upcoming hours." The post appeared on their Telegram Channel. A bit later, they posted Ukrainian and Dutch flags with an arrow saying "soon". And finally after teasing the fans, the organization announced that Orudzhev will skip some events.

Under sdy's leadership, Monte players made themselves a name upon reaching playoffs at BLAST Paris Major 2023. One of the most notable victories was over NAVI in the Legends Stage.

After the unexpected success of the roster, there is a lot of rumors on different teams signing some players from Monte, mostly Mohammad "BOROS" Malhas. But the team denied all rumors so far.

Ropz: "I remember karrigan talking about his tweet, and Rain said, 'Shut the f**k up, Finn, there's no point'"


OverDrive claims three players will be replaced in Fnatic, their CEO cArn denies rumors

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2023-06-20 14:06:00 BOROS moves to Falcons from Monte
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