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Nafany: "These people write such nonsense, even the analysts who were supposed to be team coaches"

Cloud9's captain Vladislav "nafany" Gorshkov lashed out at analysts after dropping out of IEM Dallas 2023. He said he welcomes criticism unless it is based on made-up "facts" presented as his own POV. Nafany shared these thoughts on Telegram.

These people write such nonsense, even the analysts who were supposed to be team coaches, and should understand how this works, obviously don't get it. Either you never played in a team or you have no idea about how these things work.

P.S.: I'm not talking about criticizing our game or my individual actions, it's always welcome, I have no illusions about this. But when people take some "facts" out of their heads and share them as if it was my "point of view," it's actually funny.

Vladislav "nafany" Gorshkov

Nafany didn't specify who was the analyst who did it. There are many former coaches, like kassad and yNk, but the most known "hater" of the IGL among them is Alex "mauisnake" Ellenberg. He was also on the panel during this event and this game specifically. It's also possible that nafany spoke about Russian-speaking analysts instead.

Cloud9 lost to FaZe Clan and couldn't make it to the playoffs in IEM Dallas 2023, the tournament they won last year. It should be a major disappointment for the Russians, who always place high in rankings, have some of the best players in the world, but rarely come close to winning a significant tournament.

Hobbit after IEM Dallas exit: "Ax1Le was on fire and felt the game. I felt like the rest of us weren't on the server"

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