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Hiko wants to return to CS for CS2: "The community, in general, is just better. Valorant's is a little cringe to me" Video

Former CS:GO professional player Spencer "Hiko" Martin said on stream he wants to come back to CS with the release of Counter-Strike 2. It doesn't seem that he wants to start competing professionally again but rather will focus on streaming Valve's game instead of Valorant.

If you're wondering where I'm gone, I have been playing Valorant for the last couple of years. Yeah, I think I'll make a comeback to CS when CS2 is out. I'll probably start streaming CS2 a lot. And I do kind of miss this game. The community, in general, is just better. The Valorant community is a little cringe to me, probably just because I'm older. I think the average age of CS people is older than Valorant people. But we'll see.

Spencer "Hiko" Martin
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The veteran switched to Valorant in 2020 and joined 100 Thieves. After initial success, including 1st place at VCT 2021 Challengers Stage 2 and the semis of VCT 2021: Stage 3 Masters Berlin, the team had quite a fall-off from the tier-1 competitions. Hiko moved to the inactive squad and has been streaming for the organization since April 2022.

In CS:GO, Hiko was considered one of the most mechanically gifted North American players. He played for various teams and reached his peak achievements with Team Liquid when he brought the future superstar s1mple there. Under this tag, they got a 3-4th and a 2nd placement at two Majors in a row in 2016. Hiko's last team in Counter-Strike was Rogue.

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