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Rumor: FURIA contacted FalleN for possible transfer from Imperial Rumors

Legendary AWPer Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo from Imperial could have a conversation with FURIA about his possible signing. According to Brazilian outlet GameArena, they might try to acquire him after the summer break. Both parties didn't respond to the GameArena's requests.

It's unclear which position FalleN will take in case of his transfer. FURIA's sniper Raphael "Saffee" Costa might still keep his place, as the main strength of Gabriel is his experience as the IGL. FURIA might replace Andrei "ArT" Machado or use FalleN as a secondary caller.

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FalleN previously mentioned possible retirement several times. At the same time, the Brazilian legend said he could move to the USA to compete if he chose to continue his career.

FURIA's possible lineup

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