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Nexa reportedly starts looking for new team, FlameZ to leave OG as well Rumors

OG's former IGL Nemanja "nexa" Isakovic and their rifler Shahar "FlameZ" Shushan are about to leave the organization. According to Dexterto's Luis Mira, OG's benched captain reportedly wants to return in summer when he finds a new home. He will likely continue as IGL. However, he won't reject an opportunity to play as just a rifler.

FlameZ's agent Jerome Coupez confirmed that the Israeli player's contract is about to expire. He said nobody kicked the Israeli, but flameZ wants to "explore all options." There's a lot of interest in him from various organizations, and that's why Coupez revealed to that "it's highly unlikely" that the rifler will remain in OG. However, he doesn't entirely dismiss this opportunity.

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Nexa was inactive since the beginning of 2023, taking a break for personal reasons. However, Russian insider OverDrive claimed that the captain was kicked from the team. Without a dedicated IGL, OG made it to BLAST Paris Major 2023, but exited in early stages.

Soon after, another Russian insider, Harumi, shared information about the upcoming significant reshuffle in OG. According to him, three players will leave the team: flameZ, F1KU, and niko. The latter's removal was also confirmed by Alejandro Gomis, as seen in the Tweet above.

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CS:GO comes to an end.


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