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FaZe Clan Rain reveals how much organization loses on esports, including CS:GO team and -$300k in Valorant Rumors

One of FaZe Clan's founders Nordan "Rain" Shat leaked on stream the expenses of most of their organization's rosters. Even their star-packed CS:GO team has a negative profit, costing them roughly half a million per month. Both Valorant rosters resulted in FaZe losing more than $300k for the same period.

Rain clarified that the following numbers are monthly losses without specifying the exact period. It turned out that only two teams were profitable: PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty rosters. He claims these numbers are true but specifies that some months were not like others.

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How much FaZe Clan teams costs

  • CS:GO: revenue $514k, expenses -$576k, profit -$64k.
  • Valorant: -$224k
  • Valorant (female): -$94k
  • Apex Legends: -$37k
  • FIFA Online: -$21k
  • Fortnite: -$48k
  • Rocket League: -$86k
  • FIFA: -$1k
  • PUBG Mobile: revenue $125k, expenses -$37k, profit $87k.
  • Call of Duty: revenue $42k, expenses -$6k, profit $35k
  • Podcast The Flank: -$33k
  • Super Smash Bros.: -$25k

Rain previously lashed out at the organization's management following their financial struggles. He demanded to kick one of the old-time members of FaZe, Sebastian "CBass". Another co-founder, FaZe Banks, previously accused "corporate f**ks" of "selling the brand."

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