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FalleN's guess is that BLAST Spring Finals will be last big CS:GO event Rumors

Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo thinks BLAST Spring Finals 2023 will become the last big CS:GO event. He spoke about future tournaments for Imperial and mentioned Washington being the closing event before switching to CS2. FalleN spoke about it on stream, and It wasn't clear if he meant that Spring Final would be the last CS:GO event in general or specifically for his team.

Train CS 2? Yeah, but we still have two CS:GO championships. Next is the BPL [ESL's Brazilian Pro League] qualifying for a place in the Pro League and then in Washington, in early June, which will probably be the last for CS:GO. The eight best teams in the world, including Imperial, will be present.

Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo (auto-translated)

Brazilian portal previously revealed that IEM Cologne might become the first big CS2 competition. Although ESL is cautious about this, and it's not set in stone, FalleN could've spoken based on this information.

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BLAST Spring Finals 2023 will be held between June 7 and 11 in Washington, DC. Imperial has qualified for this tournament through American Showdown. There's only one significant tournament between the mentioned ones: BLAST Fall Groups, running from July 13 to 23. If CS2 comes out before it, the organizers must choose if they want to finish the split season on CS:GO or CS2.

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IEM Cologne 2023 IEM Cologne 2023

BLAST Spring Finals 2023 BLAST Spring Finals 2023

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