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Russian caster denies rumors about B1ad3 and npl removal from NAVI. He previously said fans "might get surprised" by team changes Rumors

Russian caster Aleksey «PCH3LK1N» Pchyolkin, affiliated with Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev, denied the recent rumors about NAVI removing their coach Andrij "B1ad3" Horodenskyj and Andrij "npl" Kukharskyj brought by insider John Knyaziev on May 23.

Insider: B1ad3 and npl might leave NAVI

PCH3LK1N previously shared that the fans "might get surprised very much" by the news from the organization. He clarified that his information wasn't about B1ad3 or npl, or roster changes at all.

I don't know where the info about B1ad3 and npl came from. I have different information, and most IMPORTANTLY, I didn't say it was related to the players. So, I wouldn't believe any rumors about anyone's kicks yet.

Aleksey «PCH3LK1N» Pchyolkin
Less than 1% of Pick'Ems got Diamond Coin at BLAST Paris Major 2023

NAVI didn't get to playoffs at BLAST Paris Major 2023, losing several match points to FaZe Clan in a nail-biting game. The team has been on a steady decline since their glory days of 2021. The following year, they got only a single trophy at BLAST Spring Finals, lost Boombl4, and couldn't manage to fit in sdy.

NAVI brought npl in early 2023, and although they were able to maintain decent form, it was never enough to win anything. Additionally, s1mple had one of his career-worst events at the Major.

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