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BLAST Paris Major 2023 becomes 3rd most popular by peak views, and 5th to 4th by watched hours

BLAST Paris Major 2023 grand final, featuring Vitality and GamerLegion, has gathered 1.5 mln viewers on the peak. This makes the event the 3rd in the series by this metric, outdoing IEM Rio Major, according to Esports Charts.

In terms of watched hours, which is usually a more important metric for sponsors, it was a decent tournament, placing 5th in the history of CS:GO. But there's a huge difference in air time between Paris and London. The latter had a format which is impossible to do in the current standards set by Valve. So these events can be considered relatively even.

Top 10 Majors sorted by hours watched. Source: Esports Charts
"I've been criticized from day one for being IGL, but now, I won the f**king Major, so f**k you all!" ApEX, zonic, dupreeh, and ZywOo's emotions after BLAST Paris Major win

BLAST Major's other most popular matches didn't break 1 mln viewers, which most likely happened because of unpopular teams or favorites clashing in the early stages. The second most-viewed series between NAVI and FaZe happened at the Legends Stage, gathering 960k viewers.

BLAST Paris Major 2023 took place in France from May 8 to 21, with 24 attending teams fighting for $1.25 mln. In the grand final, Vitality 2-0'ed their opponents from GamerLegion. This is the last Valve's tournament in CS:GO, the next one will be staged in Copenhagen after transitioning to CS2.

ApEX: "During the Rio Major, I remember looking Zywoo and Spinx in the eye. They were burnt out"


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