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Vitality grabs the last CS:GO Major trophy at BLAST Paris 2023

Vitality took down GamerLegion in the grand final of BLAST Paris Major 2023 and lifted the last CS:GO Major trophy in the history of the game. The bo3 series ended up with a 2-0 score: Overpass (16:6), Nuke (16:13).

Some of Vitality's players became multiple-time champions. Dupreeh won his fifth Major, Magisk fourth, and apEX his second. Spinx became the first Israeli player to win one, and of course, the superstar, ZywOo, didn't exit CS:GO without a trophy of his own.

Jame: "The fact that top teams are burned out is obvious"

GmerLegion became the first team outside of top 30 to get to the grand final. They were rated 31st on May 8, the day of the event's kick-off.

BLAST Paris Major 2023 took place in France from May 8 to 21, with 24 attending teams fighting for $1.25 mln. This is the last Valve's tournament in CS:GO, the next one will be staged in Copenhagen after transitioning to CS2.

Magisk before Paris final: "GL have been playing without pressure, enjoying themselves, they had nothing to lose. Today it's different"



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