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Magisk before Paris final: "GL have been playing without pressure, enjoying themselves, they had nothing to lose. Today it's different" Interview

Vitality's player Emil "Magisk" Reif shared his thoughts on the opponents at BLAST Paris Major 2023 grand final. He thinks GamerLegion had no pressure before the final because they shouldn't have high expectations before the Major. Magisk believes it will be different in the grand final.

First of all, we need to give them some credit because they play a good CS. Individually, they are on point, so we need to be there as a team but also as individuals. Yeah, they play some good CS, but I also think up to this point, they didn't have any pressure. Nobody expected them to be in the quarter-finals or semi-finals. For me, they've been playing without pressure, enjoying themselves, they had nothing to lose. Today it's different, though. They can almost taste the dreams coming true. I think today, there will be a bit more nerves, and they will be a bit more scared in some ways. It's a different thing. It's one thing to play in quarters and semis. You don't really believe it until you are in the finals.

Emil "Magisk" Reif

On preparation for the grand final

For me, it's the same game if we play group stage or in a final. We have to be ready for everything, reset if we have a bad start, these types of things. It's the final, so we need to minimize our mistakes and stick to our plan and strat book and the way we want to play Counter-Strike. Of course, we need to do a lot of headsets against GamerLegion because they are an individual team.

Emil "Magisk" Reif
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Magisk wants to prove his outside of Astralis

For me, it's not about the amount of the Majors, it's about the journey. It's more about the process we are going through as a team. I also want to prove that even though I am not on prime Astralis right now, I can do it with another team. That was, of course, my goal when I decided to go into the international team. I have this opportunity today, so I will do my very best to be the best version of myself and bring a good mood and hype to the team. Of course, we want to take the trophy today.

Emil "Magisk" Reif

BLAST Paris Major 2023 takes place in France from May 6 to 21, with 24 attending teams fighting for $1.25 mln. This is the last Valve's tournament in CS:GO, the next one will be staged in Copenhagen after transitioning to CS2. At the moment of publication, the grand final game had begun.

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