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KennyS officially retires at 28. Valve waves goodbye: "There's always be an AWP waiting for you in CS2"

French legendary AWPer Kenny "KennyS" Schrub officially retired from professional CS:GO at the age of 28. He announced it on the stage of BLAST Paris Major 2023, followed by fan chanting and applause. Valve said goodbye on Twitter, stating that without KennyS, CS:GO wouldn't have felt the same.

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KennyS spent a year and a half on the inactive roster at G2 Esports and joined Falcons at the end of 2022 to try and qualify for Paris Major. They didn't manage to do so, and after the RMR, KennyS announced his transition to streaming.

KennyS has been on the competitive scene since 2011. He was always one of the most exciting players to watch due to his aggressive AWPing style. One of the early patches in CS:GO, in which the developers nerfed the sniper rifle, was believed to be happening because of his impact. During KennyS's career, he won many prestigious tournaments, including the DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca 2015 Major. The player has earned over $700,000 in prize money.

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