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CS:GO peak player base breaks 1.5 mln record after CS2 beta announcement

CS:GO has broken the peak player base record a few days after its "death" announcement by Valve. It reached 1.5 mln concurrent users for two days in a row, March 25 and 26, setting a new all-time high record. The data was provided by the Steam Charts website.

The inflow of players probably occurred due to the Counter-Strike 2 beta starting on March 22. There are no keys, and the only way to get into it is through CS:GO; the access pop-up window appears on the main menu. The first wave of invites covered a small group of all those who wished to play. Most likely, fans keep relaunching CS:GO hoping for access.

Source: Steam Charts
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But the boost in players happened not only due to the Source 2 version announcement. On March 11, it was booming, beating record after record to set a 1.4 mln bar, the highest in history. The increase was hard to explain because nothing significant besides the Revolutionary Case release was happening. On the opposite, the game had no meaningful updates for a while because the developers were busy with CS2.

Counter-Strike 2's release is scheduled for Summer 2023. The support of CS:GO is expected to be cancelled, so you can say that the game "goes out with a bang."

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