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Fans are looking how to buy and sell Counter-Strike 2 beta accounts for prices starting at $70

The long-awaited Counter-Strike Source 2 beta is finally here. But it's not available for everyone yet, it's a limited beta test with invites distributed based on unknown metrics. Of course, the market reacted accordingly, and there were already offers to buy and sell the accounts in less than 24 hours after the launch.

The sellers hide their prices for the most part, preferring to negotiate in personal messages. We found open offers on the Russian market with two accounts costing ~$150 and ~$70. Of course, buying these is unsafe, and we are advising against doing so, as it breaks Steam's ToS, and there are plenty of scammers.

How to get invite to Counter-Strike 2 closed beta. CS2 Limited Test free access new version

The only way to get the invite is by buying someone's Steam account since there are no keys or codes. There were always sites to sell boosted accounts, but we didn't find those that provide CS2 beta as an option yet. It's also unclear how many invites Valve has given to the players, so maybe there are just way too few offers yet.

CS2 beta launched on March 22. The new game so far has DM and unranked 5v5 modes, while Dust 2 is its only map. Streamers already showed many features, such as nade training mode, responsive smokes, and new gun sounds. Valve will supposedly continue giving away more access in the following weeks.

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