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Counter-Strike 2 leak implies it might come out on mobile Rumors

Counter-Strike 2 has lines of code that assume the game might be released on smartphones and mobile devices in the future. Dataminer Maksim "Gabe Follower" Poletayev found them in game files and explained why it is actually plausible.

These lines and console commands could be leftovers from other games, but there's nothing like this in Dota or Aperture Desk Job. But they are present in Dota Underlords and Artifact (games that were actually designed with iOS and Android in mind).

Besides that, Source 2 has built-in support for mobile devices, so the developers don't even need to create a separate branch for Counter-Strike 2. The only issue is proper optimization.

Maksim "Gabe Follower" Poletayev
Source: Gabe Follower on Telegram
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Gabe Follower was the insider that forecasted the arrival of Source 2 despite numerous doubts. His colleague, Aquarius, successfully predicted a beta launch in the first quarter of 2023. They still often "hit and miss" with their guesses, including ones about CS2.

Counter-Strike 2 limited beta test arrived yesterday, March 22. Thanks to the streamers and playtesters, we already know a lot about the future game features. The new volumetric smokes reacting to gunshots and grenades is one of the most significant changes to the gameplay.

M0NESY reaction to Counter-Strike 2: "Throwing HE and shooting smokes will let you see through them. Why would you even use smokes then?"

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