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Kukri, twin-blade knife, and other weapons discovered in game files of Counter-Strike Source 2 Photo

Dataminers found new weapons in the game files of the upcoming Counter-Strike Source 2 version. There are pictures of Kukri and a Twin-blade knife hidden and waiting to be added, according to Maksim "Gabe_Follower" Poletayev.

Source: Gabe Follower Telegram
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Another new addition may be the Zeus skins. Valve reworked its model and added skin support to this weapon. It's highly likely to happen since you can also examine it in first-person now, similar to other weapons.

Source: Gabe Follower Telegram

On his Telegram, the insider also revealed other weapons, which may or may not arrive at CS2. There is a bear trap, supposedly for Danger Zone, tripwire incendiary, and something named "Pipe" (without a picture attached to it). The latter may be a melee weapon for DZ or a new pipe bomb. And there is one in Valve's Left4Dead 2!

Note that these gadgets and weapons will not necessarily appear in the game. Similar discoveries in the past, such as Compound Bow, never made it to CS:GO.

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Source: Gabe Follower Telegram

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